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  • zlababa blues
  • cameroon
  • the a
  • petra rezka 6
  • emas song
  • the s
  • african sailor
  • seven steps to...
  • coming back to town
  • the sorcerer
  • 9:30
  • cherokee
  • miles
  • fifth floor



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INFO ABOUT NEXT SHOWS AT www.losquemados.cz

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Los Quemados
Jazz Quartet / Quintet

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a new band which plays in a fusion style, i.e. a sharp mixture of jazz with the funk, latino, afro, and bop elements.

The group primarily performs its own songs...

E-mail contact: filipspaleny@seznam.cz
GSM: (+420) 608214467

Saxophone player: Jakub Dolezal
He graduated from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music. His first significant engagement was with the Jan Korinek and Groove jazz formation, which accompanied various American blues singers (L. Thompson, E. Davis, Ch. Sawyer, S. Lewis etc.). He also played with the pop-funk group call Zaha, Janis Joplin, Revival, Ruchardze Band, or Bloody Mary.  In 2002 he became a member of the jazz quintet called Work in Progress. Since 2005 he has been a member of the Organic Quarter band led by an organist Ondrej Pivec. In 2006 he became a member of the Benedikt band. At the present he also performs with the groups centred around a guitar player Oldrich Bartas. Jakub Dolezal also participates in the Czech production of the famous Pink Floyd recordings and collaborates with an avant-garde jazz big band Bucinatores Tentet (led by a trombone player Jan Jirucha). As a pedagogue he teaches at the Jan Hanus Art School, gives private saxophone lessons as well as the lessons of music theory and improvisation.

An excellent alternate member: Lubos Soukup
He was born in 1985 and grew up in Chrudim. Lubos Soukup has been dealing with music since his early childhood. He plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophone as well as clarinet. Since 2004 he has been studying at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music in Prague. After one year of the study he was accepted to the Jaroslav Jezek Higher Specialised School (jazz specialisation) where he was taught by Rostislav Fras. Since October 2008 he has been studying at The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. He has been taught jazz by several outstanding pedagogues such as David Doruzka, Jaromir Honzak, Piotr Wojtasik, Jiri Nedoma, Miriam Bayle, Milan Svoboda etc. Soukup is a founder of the Points band. He participates in Jan Jirucha's project Bucinatores Orchestra. He is a member of the Czech-Polish quintet Inner Spaces and of the Los Quemados band.  He also collaborates with Ondrej Pivec, Petr Zelenka, Milan Svoboda, Krystof Marek, Vojtech Eckert etc. Among Soukup's biggest accomplishments belongs his participation at the Jazz Festival in Monterrey, California where he performed as a member of the Prague Conservatory Jazz Orchestra. He received a special award for his own compositions at the 45th international festival Jazz upon Odra in Wroclaw, Poland.

Bass guitar player: Filip Spaleny
He graduated from the Prague Conservatory - tube specialisation and from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music - bas guitar specialisation. He has performed or performs in the following bands, music formations or musicians: ASPM led by Jan Spaleny, Milan Svoboda's Quartet and Sextet, Kontraband, Prague Big Band, Rudolfinum Jazz Orchestra, Markus Deml, Jana Koubkova, Savle mece, Jazz Heads, Andrea Ruilova Folhina band, Chicken Soup, Petr Zeman Quintet, Marek Smaus Quartet, Gera band, Vibe Fantasy, Fabrik, and Zlababa. Her also participated in many studio project collaborations...

Pianist and keyboard player: Jan "Johny Walter" Balek
He was born in Prestice and graduated from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the following bands or music formations: T.O.P. Dream Company, Olga Skrancova & Band, The Scheuflers, Quattro Fromaggi, Jan Tengler Quartet, Felix Slovacek BigBand, JaHoDa Nastrojovy arzenal: Kurzweil SP88, Korg X50, EMU Vintage Pro.

Drummer: Ondrej Pomajsl
He was born in Chomutov and graduated from the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music. He is studying at the Jaroslav Jezek Higher Specialised School (jazz specialisation). He is a member of the following bands or music formations: Madfinger, T.O.P. Dream Company, R. Dragoun and His Angels etc. He collaborates with the leading Czech jazz musicians such as L. Smoldas or O. Pivec

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Sony Solar

Hoj Majstri, ako som si prechadzal zaznami z roznych nahravani v studiu, tak som si na Vas spomenul a povedal som si ze Vas aspon takto pozdravim. Tiez som sa chcel spytat, ci si mozem niekde vypocut nejaku ukazku z vasho nahravania v Studiu Havel z roku 2012. Inak, snad Vam nebude vadit , ze som Vas a vase nahravanie spomenul na strankach studia. V pripade ze by ste to chceli skontrolovat, tak www.studiohavel.cz
Dufam, ze sa mate fajn, a stale Vam to spolu skvele hraje.
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Honza K

vcerejsi jazzdock naprosto uzasny zazitek, jen tak dale :-)

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