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10 ways how Holographic Technology will Enhance Distance Education

A hologram is a three-dimensional image visible through the naked eye. This is a technology often seen in futuristic movies and cartoons, but it is in fact a real thing. Truly mesmerizing tech that has now made its way into the educational industry and will definitely help balance out the hindrances and restrictions caused by distance.

You don’t have to keep looking in through the window anymore.

Imagine being able to see a surgical procedure live, right in front of you without actually being in the OT. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well it’s not! Holograms make that very easily possible. This would be a sensational learning experience for med students and would help them grow much faster, thus increasing their productivity tenfold. It would save a lot of time and maybe even lessen their training period. Similarly, a lot of professions in which such experience is required can benefit from this technology.

  • A more direct experience
  • Increased practicality and productivity

Bringing together isolated classrooms!

Classrooms in remote places have a tough time interacting with the rest of the world. It makes for an isolated learning environment with little room for students to grow socially and mentally. This gap can be easily bridged by creating holographic imitations of situations where these students will have a chance to expand their social limitations. 

Attend a class from the comfort of your bed!

We have all dreamt about this at some point, and now there is a possibility for it to actually happen. Holographic lectures will enable you to attend them from anywhere, at any time. It will consume less time which is usually taken up by hindrances like traveling, lessen expenses and enable you to learn in any environment which you are comfortable in, thus increasing your productivity. For example, I once had to finish a role of marketing in business marketing essay and was too lazy to leave my room. This would’ve really helped me at the time.

Don’t read, do.

Practical education is one of the most important things when it comes to academics. If you’re tired of theoretical knowledge, or even if you aren’t, this is an amazing way for you to enhance your capabilities, even with lack of resources. With the demand for this technology increasing and the progression of science, it will soon be affordable for most students and will truly change their learning experience for the better.

Introverts, this one’s for you.

Whether it be your disinterest in wanting to interact with human beings or some other reason due to which you are homeschooled, you can get a class room experience without actually being present in a class room! (Don’t worry, you will still be marked present.) This is a great way to ensure that you can showcase your full potential, because the conditions on which you operate in the “class room” may be your own.

Time travel is possible!?

Sorry if you were misled, but just like video recordings, it’s very possible to record a situation and play it back as a hologram. As impressive and futuristic as it is, this feature isn’t just some useless, flashy feature. It could greatly help you with all of your repetitive class room needs. If you’re unable to attend a lecture or if you need to revisit something that you’ve forgotten about, this will solve that problem for you.

Holographic art….the future is now

Art doesn’t just mean painting and sculptures. Everything from cooking to weaving is considered art, and holographic studies of it will make your experience unreal. This was one of the main things I read about when looking for nursing essay topics and tips for students, because there has been a lot of buzz regarding it recently. It will help you understand things that you may not be able to through a textbook or video, in case you are unable to get a live tutorial on it.

Tutoring has never been easier

The title speaks for itself. You can get online tutors teach your through a hologram whenever and wherever it’s convenient for the both of you, without having to constantly stare at a computer screen for hours on end. It will definitely make for a more professional learning environment and encourage you to stay focused.

How is this connected to AI, you ask?

Artificial Intelligence combined with AR (Augmented Reality) technology brings us something so technologically advanced, it’ll take a while for you to grasp it completely. The possibility of a holographic assistant or concierge is made possible through combining both of these technologies and is a great potential business asset. What this will do is create a physical presence to go with the virtual AI services already present in companies and businesses.

A whole new experience

The bizarreness of this tech will ensure an ongoing interest in it for a long time to come. By this I mean imagine the feeling you had when you used your first touch screen; it made you want to constantly explore new features of it, which was learning in itself.

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