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Dust Blow grunge-punk / Wroclaw (Polsko)

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  • Stand Up - the new single!!!
  • New Promo Mix 2008 - new album cooming soon:)
  • Fly Away
  • Fast Insane



New LP "Escape from the landscape" OUT NOW:)

12 songs, 33 minutes, rock, grunge, punk

If you live outside Poland you can order CDs and via our record company - Rockers Publishing at handel@rockers.pl or directly from us - then please catch us at zespol@dustblow.com and ask for complete price incl. shipping to your country - we will need your complete address, city, country and postal code to calculate). Thank you, we really appreciate that you support our music!

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fajne do autka, nie ? Czesi, Slovacy (i Moravcy) - koncert Dust Blow we Wroclawiu (Klub "Lykend" - 28.01.2011), koncert grupy Neony - klub "Bezsennosc" we Wroclawiu - 2.02.2011

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