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Re-Charge De-Charge grind-grind / CZE/UK/ITA

„(ITALY/CZECH REP./UK) noisecore (r.i.p.)“

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RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE (uk/cze/ita) r.i.p.


RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE/DECHE-CHARGE split pro cd-r DOWNLOAD: http://ulozto.net/x3fe3m5o/re-charge-de-charge-deche-charge-split-pro-cd-r-2011-rar  Youtube Video BDO6bzKG1YcYoutube Video BDO6bzKG1Yc


joseph di porto - drums  (vocals in BESTIAL VOMIT)

jessica amy horton - guitar

pavel ďuriš - vocals  (drums in DREK,vocals in PISSED CUNT (r.i.p),vocals in CELEBRITY KILL (r.i.p.)



-1)HI Pav,Jessie and Joseph!How is going?What you listen now,when you write me back
on my question?hehe

pav: cheers marcin,how's tricks in amsterdam? everything's ok here in barcelona! now listening to NAUSEA ''who would surrender'' demo. CEREBRAL DISFUNCTION demo   

Jessie: hola! yeah, things are peachy here in Barcelona. How´s everything in Nederland? mmm, right at this moment...listening to Proyecto Terror (R.I.P), from Zaragoza, Spain

Joseph: kurwa brat!now i'm listening some depressive old songs played by cedro (other BxVx singer) and his guitar.Here's everything fine except for some phisical diseases but i hope the next days will be better.

-2)Ok fuck this shit.RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE start as a trio in 2008 but first record is from
this year 2010,something about this record,when,who etc.

pav well,this is how the thing has been explained on the internet: ''the gloomy idea of creating this noisy project came up when joseph (BESTIAL VOMIT) and pav (PISSED CUNT throat http://bandzone.cz/xpissedcuntx ) got drunk some day in rome in 2008. the name RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE  came into being when these two pissheads visited a univerity of rome and fucked around in a class where the professor was talking about something neither one of them could understand. of course,those RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE words had been said. after a few days pav went back to barcelona to keep on drinking and doing jack shit while joseph kept himself active with his band BESTIAL VOMIT http://www.myspace.com/bestialvomitnoise  where he holds the mic. in 2009 pav fucked off to obscene extreme where he meets jessie for the first time. jessie returns back to london,pav goes back to barcelona. after a while jessie relocates to barcelona and in june 2010 they'd set off to italy to support three gigs of WORMROT where they meet joseph staying in rome for a couple of days at his squat. RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE is born. the next recording session should take place in barcelona on the 5th of january 2011''

Jessie: i dunno.  somehow i was "coerced" under the influence of alcohol to play the guitar hehe nah, actually, while I was still living in London Pav told me about the re-charge de-charge idea, so I thought, why not, I dind´t pick up a guitar in a while so could be fun to give it a go.
Joseph: When i met the first time that alcoholic booze brother of pav first time in rome (2008) i thought he was the most punk as fukk fella i've ever met in my life. During that week in rome we slept into the ground in the streets, into the night busses and other shitload like this...One of that night we slept in a flower kiosk in front of the cemetary, when the old owner of this place woke us up (he needed to work ahahahah) we went into the university and we heard about RxCxDxCx in a lesson where pav took the word without know nothing about this of course...The band was born. The first recording session was a little bit alcoholic, i hope to make my best for the next one in Spain.

-3)All of you have other project like you Joseph/Bestial vomit,Noise Mattanza zine  and Lo fi recs,
and you are active organize some gigs and tours too.Pav PISSED CUNT is still playin bands?
i hear from you when you come to Czech rep,you want rec some stuff.
can you say something about all this project for people when never hear about this....

pav: hmmm...i think the next PISSED CUNT grinding session will be sometime next year (2011) the same line up,the same shit.
last recording crap had taken place in 2009.

Jessie: my  projects were drinking and travelling, mostly. haha I never really had much spare time. Always working. But I was actively involved on and off with my friend and her promotions: redravenpromotions - metal gigs of all sorts in London. And I used to dj  now and then for metal club nights in london.

Joseph: I started with a new band! we have a bunch of songs in pure hyperfast grindcore style! Me and other friends have still to decide the monicker for this band. Pure grind 100% with brazilian lyrics.
-4)PISSED CUNT was active in 90/95 but you guys still record some stuff,can you tell me the band is rip or not?
how is look your rehersal?,what about other member they are the same guys like before?

pav: well,actually the 1st demo tape was recorded in '96 in a garage of the guys from SOCIAL DEFORMITY (r.i.p.) great grindcore shit,
give them a listen: http://bandzone.cz/socialdeformity  from '96 we're 3 freaks milan janak on drums (vocals in CARNAL DIAFRAGMA) + dan safarik and me.the additional freaks are dan ozuch on drums from '98-'99,guitar 2009.(ex-CEREBRAL TURBULENCY,ex-RUBUFASO MUKUFO) +
ales tvaruzka vocals from 2006-2009. you can listen to our songs on: http://bandzone.cz/xpissedcuntx and of course some download links
are on there too.

-5)HEy Joseph what about you ?when is new issue of NOISE MATTANZA zine?What about last and future releases
from your DIY label LO FI RECS?

Joseph: I hope to unleash the second issue of NxMx very soon, we are gonna start the works for this project in the first months of 2011. Unluckily i had to freeze for a little bit my Lo-Fi rec. for a big lack of money of these days. The distro is under block too.Hard life for diy labels! ehehehehe
-6)What about BESTIAL VOMIT split 7ep w/ARCHAGATUS,and TAKASHI OHKAWA/hehe/?

Joseph:  The split with ARCHAGATHUS is very near to be released, we need some last details for the artwork and we are ready.I'm very proud of that split coz they are one of my favaourite combos nowadays and they are special guys too.For the split with TAKASHI OHKAWA, the leader of this band, one fella called EXTREME MARTIN have to send me the price list of the artwork for calculate the budget and then search for co-producers. ahahahahah. Speak seriously i hope to see these items out very soon.

-7)Hey Jess if i remember good,some yars a go you make a zine,its true?What about last and new issue?
Do you still active with this?

Jessie: nope, I never did...yet. Our idea was to make the use of the fact that we speak both languages and do a zine in Spanish and English, that way spreading the word about good spanish bands that would usually only appear in spanish-only zines, and vice-versa, coz it always seemed to me that zines are sometimes limited by the language barrier.  Like I would read a shitload more if most of them weren´t in german, czech, etc.
I still want to follow up on this idea, but have no idea when. Everything is manic now!

-8)Do you know more grind noise or noise core with female singer or something?do you think
is not enough active girls in grindcore/noise scene?

Jessie: well, my friend Andrea sings with her band Take The Pain, from London. But they are Death Metal, not grindcore. Then from here in Cataluña, there is Judit with her band Kabal. Again death metal, but what a voice! then grindcore bands like P.K.I.K.T. , Lycanthrophy, Suffering Mind, Flagitious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation, Idiots Parade, Fuck the Facts, to name a few. Crust bands often seem to be female fronted too, but power-violence, noise.... I can´t think of any!! so no, there is definitely not enough active girls!!!!

-9)...your band name is taken from legend of grind/noise/core D.CH.What bands and what other things
inspired you make noise,play in RE CHARGE DE CHARGE?

pav: no marcin,you're sadly mistaken. our name comes from a university of rome! DECHE-CHARGE is a cool noise muck,i'm glad
they're still around and doing the shit for so many years and hadn't changed a bit. long live the DECHE-CHARGE! my noisecore influences are

Jessie: mmm...ejerm...the main thing that inspired me probably is the fact that my guitar playing is not good enough to play any other kind of music hahahahaha

Joseph: Yes man our monicker came from that university lesson where me and pav were in a bad hang over and we couldn't understand any word! ahahahahahahList the bands who influenced and are influencing me here could be neverending, only a short one, ok?DECHE CHARGE, CORRUPTED, GEROGERIGEGEGE, PERMANENT DEATH, WARSORE... and many many others.Things who's influencing me? This shitty world is gonna die forced me to listen this kind of anti musick!
10)Ithink is no lirycs in your songs,Pav do you have any message on your vomit
to the mics?

pav: yeah man,no lyrics. just screaming the shit out of me. let's see if my partners in crime will help me on the next record

-11)Hey guys can you tell me how is look scene in your area?Roma,Barcelona
are big and active citys,can you tell me about interesting grindcore/grindnoise/noisecore/powerviolence/
crustcore/....bands,zines,labels,distro,independend place.......

pav: hmmm,well barcelona ain't that kinda place. this is punk here unfortunately. but there're a few bands worth mentioning:EL KASO URKIJO,CRANI SEPTIC,VIOLENT HEADACHE... with jessie and our close friend fran we're about to start off a record label called CRUSH THE SILENCE RECORDS and we'll specialize on vinyls only. the 1st to go is PATHOLOGIST (r.i.p.) debut opus '92 on 12".there are a few music shops like pentagram where you can find metal/death/grind stuff on cd's,vinyls,t-shirts...

Jessie: Barcelona´s pretty dead compared to other cities in Europe, but it´s not that bad either. We get a lot of gigs & there is a huge d.i.y. culture, but definitely more punk inclined than anything else.  A few squats do some good grind/power violence/crust/hard core gigs sometimes, like Los Blokes Fantasma and La Jungla.  Both places have been active for a long time.  Los Blokes has a good anti-commercial distro too.

Joseph: Roma is a fukkin weird city, i borned here but it's the weirdest city where i have ever lived. Something changed in the last years, the city seems more active. There are 4-5 anarkist squats in the city where is possible to play & listen this kind of music and take part to other events of course.There are a lot of poeple involved in the diy scene, i'm in a good relationship with a lot of bands; VERMENARA, WHAT?, GAS ATTACK, OSS, POST FATA RESURGO, COMPOST, MOSTER CIRCLE, INJURY BROADCAST, WARPEACE, MURDER CALLINGS, PUTRID FUSION, HELLMET, pffff sorry if i forgot someone guys but you are too much!We have good labels too like CRIME FOR REVENGE, MASTRO TITTA PROD., the historic SOA REC.; VALIUM REC, WIZARD OF GORE and many others.In this moment i can't remember zine names of this city but if you contact DENY EVERYTHING guys (another distro label), they can help you as well coz in their distro they have a lot of zines and they are full of contacts.This city is very active, i suggest it to everybody for DIY holidays! ahahahahah

-12)All of you living in the squat,how is look situation with squats in your country?Do you
can still squated the place?how is look this?DO you hear about situation in Holland?Goverment
want finish with squats in 3 years and from 1 of october we cant squated new places.

pav: actually we have quit! haha,a kid on the way soon ,so we have relocated to a 'normal' flat. this is my 1st time since i left my parents house some 14 years ago.
that's a shame about the netherlands,a bullet in the politician's forehead and another one to his follower and i guess some things could
lead to a  change

Jessie: yeah, goodbye rent free life :-( I am expecting our baby in February, so we moved to a flat (in fact still moving). That way the kid can at least start life in a more "normal" environment haha
Really it was more to do with hygiene/noise (the wrong kinda noise! haha) issues.  And the fact that having a 6 months pregnancy belly makes it impossible for me to do simple things like lifting water buckets for shower/washing/flushing etc

Squatting in Spain, especially in this area, is pretty good still. Even the authorities don´t really know how many houses are currently occupied!
And apart from the average "anti-system" squatter, you also have a lot of gipsy and poor immigrant families that are squatting too.
They are always evicting squats, but really, for every one they close, 3 more appear!
Definitely not like Holland it seems!...what a  shame. Geert Wilders is a cunt.

Joseph: In italy there are 2 kind of squats (like in everywhere); legal and illegal.The illegal ones are always under menace of police, state and fascists...but here we are for wait them!I knew a little bit the dutch situation thanx to some friends who told me; what can i say? bad situation of course...I think in the next months i would to organize some benefit shows to support dutch squatters.Fight and burn brothers!

-13)Ok back to the bands,what about your future releases?Do you think meet somewhere
soon and record some shit?I want ask you also about gigs,do you think
is posdsible?

pav: well,w/ PISSED CUNT hard to say now,time reveals...w/ RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE we shall record some new shit on the 5th of january 2011
here in barcelona.

Jessie: if baby "Kraz" (that will be his name) stays in place until February then we will record in January 2011, when Joseph comes to Barcelona with Bestial Vomit for la Jungla Festival...I hope we can record some, but I guess anything can happen!
Re-Charge De-Charge gigs...unlikely...

Joseph:  Don't worry Jessie if "Kraz" will be out, he could join us a second vocalist! ahahahahah gigs????mmmm i think they will be very difficult, but never say never.I took this space to comunicate to jessie and pav, my family, that my friend donald from indonesia porposed us a split with his band NEW INDONESIAN SICKNESS. then i think there is a 4 way split with REPULSIONE and other 2 bands.
-14)Ok my Grinding Family!Any worlds on the end?Something for your enemy.

pav: thanx a lot bro for the intie,hope in no time we'll imbibe again together. take care and stay grindcore! a message to our future fans: check on these pages:
http://rechargedecharge.blogspot.com + http://bandzone.cz/rechargedecharge

Jessie:  cheers for the questions. Good luck with the zine and your activities! hopefully see you around somewhere sometime again!

Joseph: thanx a lot dirty bastard, see you on january. I will thanx you with an alcoholic night in a-doom like only me can support! ahahahahah for my enemies: "ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO HATE ME? JUST DO IT..." P.S.pav are you ok when you spoke about "fans"? really there could be some mad heads over there who can apprecciate our shit?




jan of AGATHOCLES said:

RECHARGE DECHARGE sounds great ! i love the sound ! Brilliant

boco of EXTREME SMOKE said:

i think re-charge de-charge is noisecore as it used to be like the sound,dirty and powerful,good!



angela of NECROSE (brazil) said:

very good brutal!!!

pedro pedra of GROG said:

it's not easy fo me to evaluate noise grind but i think that for a noise grind band it's pretty nice

paul speckmann of MASTER said:

Not my cup of tea at all


haha,sounds insane! Crazy noisecore! I like it

andre luiz of LYMPHATIC PHLEGM said:

noiseeeeee i love it deche-charge, minch, anal massaker, 7 mon...


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