The.Switch is an emo-crossover band highly praised by the domestic critics primarily for their energetic live shows. The band's unique sound relies heavily on the raw noise of distorted bass that underlines the complex guitar work ranging from heavy riffing to melodic lead parts. The atmospheric instrumentation is spiced up by a charismatic vocalist who casts himself in a role of an uncompromising emotional preacher.

The legend of czech metal/HC/crossover scene has been around for more than 19 years. Over the time, the band recorded 5 albums, toured steadily all over the country, headlined many summer festivals and was chosen as a local support by quite a portion of significant international acts such as Karnivool, KoRn, Disturbed, Skindred, Anthrax or Aiden. The.Switch have build a large devoted fan-base and have become critics' favorites, winning multiple awards in the process. The band is also currently the most popular rock act on the largest czech music streaming network - The band celebrated the end of the first decade of the new millennium by performing solely unplugged shows. However, the year 2012 is probably the most important milestone in the band's recent history. After many years of performing as 4 piece, the.Switch decided to slightly alter their musical direction as well as their stage show and took a fifth member on board, who switches in between operating synthesizers or other electronic devices and playing second guitar.


  1. Tětiva - Tětiva EP (2013) mp3
  2. Ve Víru - Na Dosah Part II (2000) mp3
  3. Nádech - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3
  4. Soumrakem - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3
  5. Hyena - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3


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