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Miserable Romantics punk-rock / Olomouc

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Can You?


everything i'm and everything i do is wrong
i know you know i'm not perfect and i'll never be
i have no chance to fix this with my bad stance
but i try so hard, but my effort is falling apart

there's not enough words to say how my days are grey
one mistake follows another and the other follow next day
you aren't with me i understand, but i still hope
depressed and alone i'm waiting for your phone

my darling i'm on my way
with my sorry to you, is that ok?

i was fool, i left - i have only photograph
got broken heart - when i read your postcard

can you forgive me

my dear i know i ruined every single beauty that you gave me
so grateful to you for what you are and for what you have meant to me
i'm afraid we'll never be together again, no way
but i'm still here waiting for that day

how can i forget you when i got that scar on my hand

twenty february - saturday (this everything is all my fault )
one of the worst day (this everything is all my fault )
i'm childish and i'm a fool (this everything is all my fault )
life without you seem so cruel (this everything is all my fault )

i wanna hold your hand - this feeling is so bland
everyday be with you - i am feeling so blue
breathe your fantastic smell - break down my shell

i wanna care about you - lay next to you on bed
kiss you for a good night - but now i feel like dead

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