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Miserable Romantics punk-rock / Olomouc

„Hey, don't be a miserable, just romantic!“

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Hopelessness.. still in my sad heart!



My ♥ belongs to you:

sitting all alone
with my heart and his sad tone
thinking about things that i had
about your maroon hair .. life's not fair

now i can't go down (lafayette street)
without asking myself or someone else
why was i so dumb (i'm fucking numb)
when i see you (with your smile on your face)
so cute so adorable
you are in the first place
when i'm just disgrace i miss all these days

now my dreams are falling apart
there's just hopelessness
still (in my sad heart)

my heart belongs to you
(and i believe) there will be (the day)
everything will be (ok)
and until that day
(i will try not to fucked up) everything
(again) that way

my heart belongs to you (to you, to you)

i still remember when we played video games
all night long.. everything went wrong
now i don't even know how to say 'hi' to you
when i meet you i think it's 'cause i love you

maybe it's time to say goodbye

it hurts me so bad but i have to go
but forever i'll be in love with you
and yes i know you don't care
when i'm chocking from scarcity of air

im scared to death from this life
without you by my side
i love you but its too late
there's no tomorrow nothing for create

Anettee (EP version):

you are gone by my mistake
i can't believe i let you leave
don't know what say - still remember that day
i made you cry when i said bye

i killed your ideals about me .. anettee

love your voice - love when you laugh
all memories - when we brushed our teeth
now days are long and nights pretty scare
i lay in my bed with my lack of air

my sweet little princess (my love)
I disappointed you
i don't wanna more days without you (no more)
i miss you i need you
what's left in your heart when i leave you in a car (another scar)
i regret that night
it's over 2 years but in my eyes are still tears (long years)
can't take it back

don't know what to do - how talk to you
when i see you in bar - rock star..

i miss that smell of your hair
on my pillow now i feel hollow
wait 'till you text me back - mobile screen still black
feelings drown in bottle - hangover tomorrow

i miss our movie nights
(what's that flashing?)

so i hope you mad on me every day just a little bit less

Our days together are gone - (we must move on)
only memories left - alone i'm waiting (for a death)
but still remember your last warm hug - (it's stonger than) any kind of drug
can't wait - that day when you forgive me (for who i am!)

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