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Zatokrev - Bleeding Island (official clip)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 15.5.2015
Zatokrev line-up 2015: Frederyk Rotter - Vocals / Guitar; Frédéric Hug - Drums / Backings; Lucas Löw - Bass / Backings; Tobi Glanzmann - Guitar / Backings

Video filmed and arranged by Lionel Weitnauer (ceccavara)
Drawing: Roger Horvath ( watch full drawing ); The Lady: C. BSky
"Bleeding Island" has been taken from the new Zatokrev album "Silk Spiders Underwater...", released on April 13th 2015 by Candlelight Records
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Recorded by Serge Morattel @ RecStudio
Mixed & mastered by Raphaël Bovey @ MyRoom Studio

we're calling the clouds to fulfill the rains' river
the storm lets us see what tore our souls through the seasons
nothing is real, we built our hearts on secrets
while nothing exists all hurts like fire
we're calling the clouds to fulfill the rains' river
raging breath became a bleeding island
hollow matters float down the drain
search for channels to spread their void
wretched filth from your mountain to overcome
there will be no losses except the blaze you cross
we refuse the void
fall, inhale, embrace, rise
we refuse the void