"Nostalgia, 90's pop punk, emocore, dirty rock, Leatherface-like patina, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker..." (Samuel, Czechcore)
WORLDHOOD are a band of four guys who have grown up in the 90s; have been around the hardcore and punk scene for couple year and have the classic rock as their guilty pleasure. As you find out during the first listen, it is more about melody and lyrics than about playing as fast and as loud as you can. However, live it is still pretty amped up. In 4 years, Worldhood have managed to release 3 EPs (MC cassette, 7" vinyl and digital download), change 4 bass players and play countless number of shows.


  1. Random Nights (2014) mp3
  2. Start With Yourself (2014) mp3
  3. Never Happened - 7" EP (2012) mp3
  4. Pain Amplifier - 7" EP (2012) mp3
  5. Just Us - Always Ruin EP (2012) mp3
  6. Hero Or Driveller - Never Make EP (2011) mp3


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