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Woe Betide The Boy rock-alternative / Ostrava

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  • Dare To Wander - Final Version
  • Woe Betide the Boy - Final Version
  • Drunken Tusk
    Drunken tusk single 2013
  • Simplicity
    Drunken tusk single 2013
  • No Rain in May
    Drunken tusk single 2013
  • Road of Bones
  • Take Flight (demo)
  • Český rozhlas Ostrava - Live WBTB ( Harenda )

It's been a while...

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The album does exist, boys and girls.  And it might seem like it will never come, but a lot has been finished.  Recording this thing with a good friend means that you can be flexible, not pushed by money and time limits.  You can do it the right way because your time is right.  But it also means that you do it when everyone has the time, at the same time.  Schedules, illness and time back home with family, more illness, lost voice, lack of motivation and over thinking have been a few things that have happened in between.  But all there is left to do before I hand it over to Soheil Shadloo ( check him out on youtube) to mix and master,  is the vocals.  

Drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and some strings are now complete for 11 or 12 songs,  and I'm finishing the vocals for 4 songs at the moment at home.  So stick with us, it's going to be worth it.  Even before final mixes, the guitars sound lush, electric guitars are buzzing just the right way and the drums are sounding really solid and clear.  There will be a few guests on this album too, who add something special to these songs.   

I'm already proud of this thing, and I'll be proud to show it to anyone who will listen when it's out.


Alec and the wbtb crew

Woe Betide the Boy ( with help from some talented friends ) will be bringing a full length album to you in the next few months.

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If you want heard some sample of new album write YES on the wall !!!

There are 18 songs ready to commit to recording and about 10 in progress. Some will make it, some will have to wait and some will just disappear once I've realized that they SUCK!  

Untill then, you can find lots of songs on the worldwide interweb. Please have a look and pass these songs to friends, my friends!

Recorded versions:
Drunken Tusk (high quality video also on youtube)
Road of bones
No Rain in May
Take Flight ( All available on Bandcamp.com and bandzone.cz )

Live recordings on youtube:

Woe Betide the Boy
One of your own
Harry Patch
Trophies in the Snow
One Hundred Steps
Jawbone Walk
as well as:
Drunken Tusk ( live version and video by Fajna TV)
Road of Bones
Simplicity ( it's on there somewhere)

Other songs are being finished that might take prority over some of these songs, and some of the rest on my bigger list are older and not all of them will see the light of day. But other titles for anyone interested, are:

Beasts of Burden
Dare to Wander
Taking Home
Bottles and Mountains
Snow Real
My Devil, He Speaks
Simple Childish Rhyme
Machines Through the Walls
5 Bar Blues
Truth Persues

Get involved, give us feedback when you can, and thanks for listening/reading. Thanks to anyone who sees our posts, who keeps up to date with wbtb happenings, and most of all the people make the effort to come and see me play.



Woe Betide The Boy at Ostrava

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woe betide the boy (uk)
[wagonv.r.levskýlaura coffeeu peciválů]
22., 23., 31.10. a 21.11.2013
nakažlivě sympatický a usměvavý skot alec munro objede se svou kytarou hned několik ostravských klubů aj. hudbymilových zařízení. dle nadšených ohlasů se dá vytušit, že přijmete-li roli publika na některém z těchto koncertů, rozhodně nebudete litovat.

poté, co hrál alec munro v metalové formaci ridgeback a alternativní kapele royal edinburgh music ("hudba, která nejdříve pohladí vaši duši a pak vás rozdrtí na kost"), se přestěhoval i se svým domácím studiem a starými songy do české republiky. po mnoha pozitivních ohlasech na jeho vystoupení se rozhodl pokračovat v psaní a nahrávání pod jménem woe betide the boy.

v nejbližších dnech vystoupí mj. několikrát na území ostravy. na všechny tyto koncerty vás srdečně zveme.