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Woe Betide The Boy rock-alternative / Ostrava

„Acoustic rock from Scotland with metal Heart“

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Text skladby Drunken Tusk

z alba Drunken tusk single 2013

Autor hudby: Alec Munro
Autor textu: Alec Munro

You are now a ghost to me
A fading light of what used to be
A line of sight cast far from sea
With a hope of knowing the possibilites

You were left among the wolves that day
And now you've learned that there was no other way
To feel as though you could truly belong
You were holding out for something but you were gone too long

Can't deny that you want out of this tonight
But you do

Don't you know they'll steal you before you can even decide
For your luck you will not be forgiven in time
Don't you know they'll steal you before you can even decide
Welcome me on to your floor and I will sleep behind glass

Pray now to something, in your lottery of faith
I hope one will hear you, take you from this place
So hold me now as if you were true
It's a long road for fighting, but not for you

Chorus repeat

The mist outside as the crows fly and we are sleeping in
Before the sun can touch our faces the lies begin
This drunken tusk was carving the walls of your broken heart
For a name