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What's happening? progressive-punk / Zábřeh


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Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara, Zpěv, Dudy, Heligonka
Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara, Brumle
Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara, Jódlování, Didgeridoo

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tel.: 736 262 027

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Closer To The Madness

Have you ever thought what would become

if there was nothing but this moment?

No mind in future, changing night and day


Time is burning, voices are insane

you can hear in endless movement

So why don’t to stop on this way?


And wheel is spinning, spinning round your game

you're towing away

Still faster around its chains


Spinning, spinning round your best-dreamed way

closer to the madness

to all the wheels that go insane


Running, running only in your case

there’s no place for thinking and

there are only other faces in your face


Have you ever seen the universe

to be opened or separated?

Question flowing through unconsciousness


Have you ever heard these ancient melodies

colors of remote spaces

rotating round totem’s place


Spinning, spinning round your best-dreamed way

closer to the madness

to all the wheels that go insane


Like A Feather 

Let’s share the zip of motion

Stop to see through illusions

And everywhere you feel now

Beating of standing time


I am falling down,

and through the ground

to another wave of passion

Listen to sound

it’s all around

words connected in tension


Get out of the bonds of your control


All around waving colorful lines

Like a feather

Get moving to your mind

and fly

Faerie dancing on the flare of fire

Like a feather

Let moving touch your mind

and fly


Get movin’ to your mind

Then you feel you are alive, yeah


Day And Night

Moving without the mind

Feel the darkest night

When silhouettes are just an outline

Ride the stars above the skyline


To the club of fakin’ lies

Killing sounds there all the time

Time killing day and night

Manic rotating in the whirl


And the whirl is made of light

Born along with dark

Enter space it’s all around

Take me with I want to see now


The colors of your heart

Burnin’ sounds in mind

Get a dance of the snake!

Infinitely length..


Snake As long as your fear

I saw him in your dreams

Waving from the sea to the sky

Listen to whales – they cry!


Staying on the coast it hurts

Ancient guards of the Earth

You’re dancing in the fire light

Experience change of mind


Take your mind and change the world

That’s the other side of the wall

We were alive but we were young

Now you forgot how to run


Run and leave conscious mind

Break through the Darkest night

Run and get out of the time

Get into deepest place of mind