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We Are The Motion metalcore / Hanušovice

„Klip na Wallart je venku!“

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We Are The Motion - [MANKY] (Album Stream)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 20.9.2016
"[MANKY]" - taken from our first album Nameless!

Production, mix & mastering: Filip Vlček
Video: Mejra Drkal
Album art: Dana Mokrošová / Marek Kostka / Ondřej Bažík

WEB: http://www.wearethemotion.eu/
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CONTACT: booking.watm@gmail.com

Music and Lyrics: We Are The Motion

All rights reserved
---------------------------------------- --------------------

Ladies and Gentlemen
We've got announcement
Nobody in this room
Will stay sober tonight
We're starting pretty hard
So raise your bottles up
And promise to me
You won't leave before midnight

We're not afraid of hangover
'Cause our fate is better than we think
We will be strong it's that simple
We live in this moment we live now
Just don't care about the tommorow
Either way you won't enjoy this night
We only live once so free your mind
And drink the whole fucking bottle now

One party ends another to go
But i don't give a fuck about it
Here we go!

So here we go again,
Another party
And I've got feeling
I won't make it throught tonight
My legs cannot stand right,
I'm falling on the ground
Now I can see the future,
'Cause I'm really drunk

I don't care about tommorow
'Cause my fate is better than I think
Better then I think, YEAHHH
One party ends
Another to go
But i don't give a fuck about it
Here we go
One bottle to another and I'm totally smashed
But I solemnly swear
I will do another round!

I would like to propose a toast
Right now, at this very special moment
Everybody grabs a glass
And raise it up to the skies
To celebrate the fact
That we don't care about anything
That we just enjoy the live
Which was given to us!

Let's start another round!!