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We All Gonna Die death-metalcore / Litoměřice

„∔ SUMMER SEASON 2018 ∔“

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Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 17.4.2016
Official music video for song "Uncivilized" from debut album "Ruin".
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Produced by Seabeast Production.


Video Directed and Produced by Radim Veznik.


white soaked in blood
breath reeks of lies
harsh words from mouth of devised illusions

in times when two worlds collide
in times when sand covers the green

hate has become the new dimension
to spit on everything 
to spit on everything that has been created to this day

and now the army of lies advances
leaving only waste in its wake
who is not with the heard is gonna get torn
molded brains placed between pieces of flesh 
weapons in the hands of those without sight
when all hopes for reason die, darkness devours scraps of light

their dreams are made from suffering of others
on blades of knives is a lot of undefiled blood
bleak faces buried beneath layers of despair
bloodthirsty rats left their dirty severs, left dirty severs
their dreams are soiled with blood
sharp blades of knives make ways for lies

end of times
fall of mankind
of humanity
human weed, human weed
forging new world
forging new world
forging new world
forging new world
forging new world

books of lies, written, to deceive them
its all false, plague for souls, but they´ve been chosen

rotten thoughts are planted in pure hearts
strive to create love yet only war is born
torn by vultures into dirty little pieces
killers will never gaze upon rays of light