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We All Gonna Die death-metalcore / Litoměřice

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WE ALL GONNA DIE - "Wielder Of Chaos" (2014)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 2.8.2014


Dreadful tragedies will torn the sky and clouds
As i free my hand of bandages and shroud
I walk freely among living breathing scum
Dead god is reason why i vanquish those who groan and cry
Here i come, almighty, hear my judgment, wrath of doom
born from sun
I could crush universe with bare hand
This wretched worthless World is ready to be set ablaze
I am the one who wields this chaos armed with chain
Purged and glorified plagued and modified
Only i can bear this devil in my bloodless heart
Now its time for deed
Deed that washed my story
Violence violence brought forth tyrant son
Purged and glorified plagued and modified
Violence violence brought forth tyrant son
Die by my hand
Watch me watch me as i pull your soul, out of nowhere, take me take me to place where you sleep eternaly, grave
You think your red eyes blossom coz of devil
Casting these black flames burning deities and crows
catastrophic devastation
My hardship is greater than yours / ceaseless agony