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WayFu(c)k noise-pop / České Budějovice

„chystáme pár věcí přímo #znitra“

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Text skladby False Promise

z alba Revelation

Autor hudby: Radek Dohnal
Autor textu: Pavel Strnad

If I were you

Better not pledge me a thing

All the flashbacks on my mind

Still remind me a lot of

Unfulfilled dreams

This cannot be held within‘ me

It’s long enough so deep

No-one can stop

Those bad words

Getting out of your head

It’s just up to you

Rather you should forgive me

For all the things

I’ve never done..I’ve never ever done

This cannot be held within‘ me

It’s long enough so deep


Your soul is not meant to be saved

I’m not gonna mourn up on your grave

So sick and tired to be claimed

You’ve never let me catch a break

To tell your words are so fucking lame

Fake words

I always note them

Can’t you see how

Much hurts your purpose

False promise

Yet been long with us

Gimme the last kiss

Then look back in the past

Back in the times when we were the same

None fell apart

There was nothing left to blame

Anyone could envy the way we lived our lifes

Where has it all gone

We both don’t know

Envious has slipped

As our things had become so low

Our fates turned into loose ends


Won’t you try

Leave me at last sign

God damn your sorrow


Won’t you try

Leave mea t last sign

I talk to you!!!