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WayFu(c)k noise-pop / České Budějovice

„chystáme pár věcí přímo #znitra“

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Text skladby Neverending Fall

z alba Revelation

Autor hudby: Radek Dohnal
Autor textu: Pavel Strnad

You’ve always been afraid to ask

what you’ve done

by killing some people

now you can cry

you’re in first line

Look in their eyes

And get out

Nothing you could tell

Your mom would be proud

This may never start

Don’t abuse them for that little part

Our curse is coming (upon you)

We’ll soon be free

Just wait for us to rip your heart out (cut your head off)

You’ve always been afraid of care

When your time will come

Now you’re still finding reason

No way you can fight

Cause our words are right

Look in that hole

what you’ve digged

for all of our kind

such a dumbass little treason

for godsake we’re apart

now you can see this may never start

Let me know when disappear

Your body

From our reality

Neverending fall

To the madness of infinity

Tell me if you wanna hear

My story

Full of true monstrosity

Neverending fall