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Text skladby Last Goodbye

z alba Desire & Rage

Autor hudby: Aleister
Autor textu: Aleister

I read the thoughts running through my head
I realize they are my last
The more I struggled the more I lost
And whole my life slowly passed

I could see no light in the dark
My life passed before my eyes
I can't complete nothing I began
So this act is my last

These are the last lines for my friends
You are my last memories
When you'll my body close my eyes
And pretend I just sleep

I'm leaving you
I'm leaving my friends
Can't stay no more
In this world of tears
Here rests the coward
That you have known
He was too craven to live

With all my heart I would wish to stay
But my sorrow is too deep
So please forgive me all my faults
And the grieves I have caused

What I will do is a simple thing
The world I leave is hard
With hand on my heart I can say
That I am not terrified