Warchild - Text skladby Hell Of Despair II. z alba Desire & Rage | Bandzone.cz
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Warchild thrash-black / Rakovník

„První věc z nového CD je k poslechu - ETERNAL!!!“

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Text skladby Hell Of Despair II.

z alba Desire & Rage

Autor hudby: Aleister
Autor textu: Aleister

On this bloody day, when earth meets the sky
Clouds are falling down, down down into the fire
Today comes the end of our small existence
Is it consequence or just coincidence
I can’t stand the thoughts....

Darkness fills my eyes as I now see it
We have done it all just as commanded
Ankle deep in blood we were killing
Now I’m asking why the blood was spilling
I can’t stand the guilt....

Winners or loosers, it is the same
We are all drowning, going insane
Mankind is dead now, so start to repent
The last you can do because this is the end
The end...

Ground is filled with piles of stone cold dead bodies
Now here end our lives, our lives and memories
Air is thick with smoke, eyes in fire burning
My lungs fall apart, slowly slowly dying
I can’t stand the pain....

This is the judgment day and we have lost
We have played the gods this is the cost
Mankind will be off the face of earth
Radiation falls, the final veil
Now this is the end....