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Warchild thrash-black / Rakovník

„První věc z nového CD je k poslechu - ETERNAL!!!“

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Text skladby Bloody Shadows Of London

z alba Desire & Rage

Autor hudby: Aleister
Autor textu: Aleister / Samael

Shadows lurking in the streets of the great city of London
Gloomy mist flows through the streets, when the night is over
Streets are lifeless filled with fear, all know that the fiend is here
No one knows whose is the turn in the dim light of the gas lanterns

Flash of the knife like lightning in the sky
Blood burning hot, is he mortal, is he not?
Screams in the night freeze thoughts in the brain
Blood flows from the wounds, is he ghost or is insane?

Night defeated by the day over filthy London
Light of day reveals the scene of the bloody slaughter
Craning crows of rubbernecks possessed to see the torso
Frantic effort of the police to save the remains of the clues

Thoughts are racing through the heads, panic’s spreading in the town
Bizarre guesses and rumors, is he alone or are there more?
Police chasing lots of ways, but phantom keeps escaping
How many dead? When will he get caught? Will someone ever answer?