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Warchild thrash-black / Rakovník

„První věc z nového CD je k poslechu - ETERNAL!!!“

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Text skladby Warchild

z alba Looking Back

Autor hudby: Aleister
Autor textu: Aleister

In the flames of war
Burned sixty milions lives
It was fifty years ago
But the smoke still burnes my eyes
In the silent night
Came from theatening skies
Bombs falling from above
Tore my world apart
I’ve cried on the graves
Of my nearest friends
I’ve made up my mind
I’ll avenge with my hands

I’m Warchild, rising from the dust of roads
I’m Warchild, I am gonna cut your throat
I’m Warchild, I will suck blood off your veins
I’m Warchild, I’ll get you you’ll go insane

I’ve found my enemies
Hidden in their homes
I’ve turned their lives
Into dust and bones
I’ve danced with their corpses
Triumphant dance of death
Blood drops falling down
From my bleeding wounds
I’ll never forgive their guilt
As long as I’m alive
They’ll pay with their lives
Every tear I’ve cried
And when I fall dead
I will rise again
From ashes of enemies
And the endless pain