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Warchild thrash-black / Rakovník

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Text skladby Old Man's Legend

z alba Krvavá cesta

There's an old man in the corner of the room
Smoking dirty pipe and telling tales of his youth
There are no sunny days in this shady house
Light is fading out can't make it through the smoke
He is smiling at me with his black-tooth grin
And says to me "Young man I will take you in
In the world of knights and fairy-tales
I believe you will find there your place
Just try hard to touch your secret dreams
Try to find the key to all their means
Find thoughts hidden deep inside your mind
And step inside the world of your heart"

I've never tried to touch the rainbow
How do I know it can't be done
I've never spread my wings and flied
How do I catch my life before it's gone
I've never fell on my knees in prayer
How do I know there is no God
I've never opened my mind before
I'll just try to do it now

So I've tried to do all what the old man said
And found another world behind the wall of regret
I've stepped in the world of legends and fairy-tales
And suddenly I saw that there is my place
If you don't want only live in this world full of tears
Just try to go in the dreams without any fears
Our real world's a world without mighty heroes
So touch the sky and fly up with the eagles
In the flames of battle surrounded by your friends
Battleaxe in your hands you will find what the legend meant
So step between the warriors proud and hard as a steel
Fight brave in this battle and try how the heroe feels