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War Bride metal-alternative / Brno

„Comeback [coming soon]“

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Text skladby Dreamcrafter

z alba Manor of the Wind (demo)

Autor hudby: Daniel Pešek
Autor textu: Vilém Obrátil

Once again I close my (eyes),
taking the road to the sphere of my dreams,
into the night!

I see the woods, so dark, so melancholic,
warming my heart, soothing my mind.
I see the red sun shine above the plains
of my ancestors that once were full of life.

Through the gates of sleep
into the windows of soul, nothing is holding me.
Straight into the darkness, far away from the light,
to protect, build and caress.

I can't take the pain
of grey empty days.
I am free as a bird,
though drowning,
not a single word of mine can be heard.
Everyone can see me dying,
but I don't call for help anymore.
I choose - to bleed.

I say what I hear,
I do what I see,
my demons make me free,
my demons are helping me.
They are... I.

And from now on, everything is about to go well, thrive and live...

Once again I'm waking up into the world
that I, myself, created. Finally!
Everything reached perfection,
me, my body, my mind, my home
and here do I stand.... alone.