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Votchi rock-hard rock / Praha

„Nové CD Out Of Jail zakoupíte na Supraphonline.cz“

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Text skladby Melody

z alba New Religion

Autor hudby: Mirek Mužík
Autor textu: Flor Roda Mota

Once I believed in the great of its glory
But I was thrown to the sea of Its comedy
Something ironic
Something mysterious
(I) felt everywhere overcome by the teaser
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrr

At the scenery
I´d be drawn to the depths of your melody
Feel so mischievous, pathetic
Free my soul, I beg you so, can´t stand it!

Come from the hell that disturbs your serenity
You´re about to break, you’re my game, I hit you...
From time to time I will feed from your energy
You can´t escape, you´re my place, I OWN YOU!!!
When you feel down, it reaches its victory
Enticing your mind with its seductive song
Go and decide whether you kneel to its majesty
Careful you´ll fall somewhere apart

Blood speeds my pulse, feels strange in my body
Need a miracle to defeat this enemy
Face the emotion
Seek for direction
Fight the trick to get out this situation

Here I´m on your way
You can´t say my name
But I will fill your space
But I´m real out of a fake
(you) Can´t stop me
To my fears i belong
Bewitch can´t take so long
I´ll make it

It´s its hammer
Can make me gone
I feel managed
When It gets me wrong
I feel madness
Can do me wrong
I feel managed
When It gets me wrong

Wake up your soul, think your mood doesn´t make you
Often it´s hard on your heels to devour you
There’s a wrong gate
Use your canon
Get the right one, it loves so much to ravel

It´s its hammer
Can make me gone
I´m a slave to you
When you get me wrong
I feel madness
Can do me wrong
I feel managed
When It gets me wrong