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Votchi rock-hard rock / Praha

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Text skladby Money

z alba New Religion

Autor hudby: Mirek Mužík
Autor textu: Mirek Mužík

Garden of roses
brainless poses
people serving your will
Hundreds of causes
corrupted justice
precious portrait of your own

Wakeful midnights
with pain in your eyes
nightmares keep you awake
You have no honey
just all for money
until the end of your days

You had better think twice
before the money will take you

You had better think twice
before the loneliness breaks you

your train is unstoppible
business is untouchable
you only see your cash flow
The black soot shadows
they always follow,
the tricks that never could fail

Make your decision,
you have the vision
how to make things right
So that`s the story
The endless glory
Until the end of your race

Every time you get in
you can see you have been there

Every time you get out
you fall back into nightmare