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Votchi rock-hard rock / Praha

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Text skladby It's Over...

z alba Unicorn

Autor hudby: Mirek Mužík
Autor textu: Mirek Mužík

I want you to
Feel what I feel
I want you to
Hear what I hear
I want no fear

I want to get what
I came for
I want to reach what
I've been searching for
So long, so long

My time is over now
And you’re still there
Maybe you chose a better way
And I'm drifting away…

Good bye my love
And good bye my friends
I succumbed to my enemy
And I've lost all my days

It's over getting colder
And I feel like
That's the end, my friend

I want you to
See what I see
I want you to be the same
as me…