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Votchi rock-hard rock / Praha

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Text skladby Lady Death

z alba Unicorn

Autor hudby: Mirek Mužík
Autor textu: Mirek Mužík

Lady death has a pale face
Lady death is your only friend.

Snow-white skin, silver hair,
Lady death can be everywhere.

I can feel her, she looks at me,
From every corner, she's seeking me.

Cold as ice, but she's always fair,
You should know she is always there.

Lady death sparkling in the air,
Mighty queen of the dreamland

She holds the key to the wonderland
She lets you in but then keeps you there.

As you walk through you life you'll see,
that the life you've got is a mystery.

Don' be afraid of her; she's sweet.
Once she gets you, you'll be free.

ref: You know, you have to
Get along with your Death,
You know, you have to
Get along with your Death,

'cause you know life is beautiful,
'cause you know life is beautiful