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Text skladby Unicorn

z alba Unicorn

Autor hudby: Mirek Mužík
Autor textu: Mirek Mužík

As the dark is gently falling
I’m riding through the night
on the back of the mystic unicorn

Your love was deceiving,
My whole heart was bleeding
staining the white mane of the unicorn.

Now the silence slowly comes to me,
I’m standing proudly like a stone,
And my fear is just history.

The last of my dependence
vanished with your last sentence
since then I’ve been set free.

Set free, set free, set free.

It was hard to remember,
to fight back your anger,
I tried so hard to get you out of my head…

My heart is no longer bleeding,
I no longer hear you screaming.
I’m riding through the night on my unicorn…