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Vortex Unit black-death / Bratislava


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Text skladby Enlightenment

z alba Enlightenment

Autor hudby: Anguis
Autor textu: Anguis

Thrown into the void of space
by his own brethren, a blood sharing race
abandoned by all, with heart craving revenge
dim but not forgotten will be his face

Keep your scrolls of mold
and ravens who feed on their own kind
Keep your tainted, foul dirt
full of earthworms - loathsome and blind

It's less than appealing
to see them all kneeling

Number of heaven
All your sins are
devoured by fear
Closed door
locked by never
Demons and nightmares
were always here
holding the hammer and spear.

You're fetid
Nation made out of dirt
in the end you're dried out, broken
eager to be formed, compressed,
a coin, a thing, a worthless token.

I was cast into blackness
falling down the night
roaming the void, drowning in silence
losing the light

Descent down the stream
Is this a nightmare? Some perilous dream?
Through supreme silence my mind turns serene
Masks fade revealing truth never yet seen
nothing will remain out of my range
I am Messiah, the Bearer of change

Stain my name,
I will bring you shadows and shame
And you will go down to whence you came

Follow his rules and you'll die in vain, fools
for the creature you admire is ruffian and liar.

Your crown was crafted
by tyranny and pain
blood is color you paint
your mind became sick and insane
You leap up to blame
who won't fit your frame

As you make me bear your failures
remember my name.

I am fallen
Not an Angel or Soul
This world will be canvas
and I am the coal

Fading away into sempiternal sleep
bleak darkness and cold enclosing me
I'm just a paralyzed, feeble fumbling existence
with frost-bound eyes unfit to see

I am a power of mind
Not a Demon you're trying to find
Reborn invincible, immortal tool
fire's being transferred into every molecule

The seed is strong
so is my desire
This end means beginning
because I became the Fire!