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beSpermy (original song by Adam Jaskovic and Vojtech Lukas)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 5.2.2014
Hello everoy1 and beSpermy.... or whatever..:)
We've got here a very new song, kind of co-op project with my very good friend Adam. It happens some time ago in maths lesson :D We vere so bored, that we've made up this song...:D Even don't know that we will ever record that, especially in quite advanced studio in Ostrava. So we want to THANK headmasters of that studio. And personally I want to thank my teacher, for borrowing that gorgeous bass...:) OK... that's it..! Video is funking loqual, but I hope you don't mind...:)

chords (in case you wanna play along)
e,C,G,D (H7); (ref:) a,C,G,D

lyrics (in case you wanna sing along, but I!m sure, you won't)
________________________________________ ___________
ver. 1:
When you're feeling, you're at the bottom.
When you think, that everything sucks,
Music reminds you, just press the button
Plug-in your headphones and you're able to rock!
Have you ever dreamt about world without rules?
You know, it's not possible but don't worry, cuz'

You are the first sperm that went throught!
You were laughing to other guyz in crew!

Sloka 2:

Call up your crew and enjoy your lifes
If you wanna change nothing'd be as it was.
Wake up in the morning and do something awesome!
But first have brakfast and juice some*
If it doesn't go as you wish,
Do not worry, you're kinf of rich (cuz)

You are the first sperm....