Vivien's Shadow - Text skladby The Fortress (Disquiet) z alba VIVIEN'S QUIET / DISSHADOW |
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Vivien's Shadow rock-alternative / Nové Strašecí

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Text skladby The Fortress (Disquiet)


Autor hudby: Disquiet
Autor textu: Ondřej Cakl

From where comes the reason for another chat:
tiring, infinitive motion,
where the meanings are only floating around in the air...
From where is the reason for giving freedom,
if it appears like another fuckup
and another lack of care...?
Is there any real need to build solid castles
from the tips of pointles needles,
from bricks of movin surfaces?
At all?

What is the rest after a while?
Then you had retold all the stories:
are you the figure or the teller, versatile?
What is the rest after all meetings,
if the tendency is clear, but there is no target,
point to be is not allowed.
And what is to do then you just see her
as she’s running to the fortress
where she hope she‘ll be calm...

... by herself!
... by mistake!
... by her fault

intouched in her eyes!

What is the reason?
What is the rest?
What is the point of it?
Where is the sense?
Is it just wearying – and you just need to rest?
Isn’t after all „restraining“ the best?

When; why can’t the queen still live deep in her fortress?
Why does she not want to live in the calm?
From where comes the blind pressure or is it the progress?
Why is it so hard to just breath it out?

Breath it out! Breath it out! Breath it out!