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Vintage Wine thrash-folk / Praha

„Tree of the dead behind the gate...“

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Text skladby Radio Edith

z alba Thrashfolk

Autor hudby: Petr Polák
Autor textu: Radim "Rybíz" Lapčík

It's been a while since I've last seen my daddy-o
Lived with my mom, she had no helping hand
But then one day I turned on the radio
And he spoke there, frontman of a band

He said his band is heading here for a gig
First one after eleven long years
I want to meet him, though mother says he's a pig
He'll come back if I tell him 'bout her tears

Ref.: Mornings are cold leaves on trees wither
My mother cries as she hears daddys song
I would have known him if he stayed with her
I want to meet him so well... How is that wrong?

Stars were bright when I sneaked out that evening
And bought a ticket for lunch money saved
Slipped to first line, didn't expect that feeling
Struck down by wave of a music they played

And then backstage where I got so easy
Bottles went round and even some joints
The frontman took me and started to please me
Before I could tell him I am fruit of his loins


When he was done I disappeared to the night
To tell him "Hi daddy!" twas already late
In a few weeks we'll se if I am allright
I just hope I won't share my mommys fate