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Vintage Wine thrash-folk / Praha

„Tree of the dead behind the gate...“

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Text skladby Such Is Life

z alba Thrashfolk

Autor hudby: tradicionál
Autor textu: Radim "Rybíz" Lapčík

Youre five years old, for all you know
The world is at your feet
People smile when you arrive
You're a king of your little street

But in the school the teacher asks
"Hey fella! How you're called?"
To find the answer 'bout who you are
Is just like growing old

You're twenty-two fresh out of school
Major in music arts
You shoot for fame, you got to rule
And screw all those old farts

But there's no band that understands
Your genious way to play
So you end up in a grocery store
Cause there are some bills to pay

Ref.: Such is life take it or leave it
Where you're now you see it clearly
'Till your death dont gonna stop
Take what you get or just fuck off!

You're thirty-three two kids and wife
And mortgage on your neck
You feel like you were led astray
But "Hey man, what the heck?"

You cook you clean you serve your queen
You even walk her dog
The queen of whores who want divorce
Cause of some other fuck


You're fifty-four fresh out of jail
No work no place to sleep
You never thought that out of dough
You ever sink so deep

So you play cigar box guitar
And sing out all your fate
Some rich kids clap and some old chap
Throw penny on a plate


Your sixty-five you end your life
With cancer that's the trend
You're looking back at all those years
And you search for those well spent

They're hard to find but you dont mind
Dont want to make amends
If you'll get chance to live again
You'd do same shit again