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Unsolved Case hardcore / Kralupy nad Vltavou

„Virus EP“

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Text skladby No Time

z alba No Time

Autor hudby: Unsolved Case
Autor textu: Unsolved Case

I know how you feel
The darkest days end
and new beginning is on the way

beware the traps
save the breath
this is how we roll
all fucking days

There is no time for the bullshit
There is no time for the conspiracy
There is no time for the crying
There is no time for the lies

Do what you want
Its more than enough
We are strong.
Fight to the core.

Positive minds are enriching us
We make it different
For the truth and love
fuck the stereotypes

We dont know when this game ends
Its time for action
its time to
be proud of yourself

in the world with no time
try to grab yourself
you are not alone
we believe in you

We believe in you

No time, for the wicked

Hurry up
dont be late
the time
is behind your ass
the sweat
the blood
the tears
oh shit
our minds
cant be broken
no time for a rest
do your best
fuck the fools
they want to
break you
but you know
without this
cant be success