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Unravel melodic-hardcore / Písek

„EP "Bless Me With Misery" OUT NOW!“

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Text skladby Solitary

z alba Above The Road (EP)

We speak our minds by our eye movements
We cry our hearts out inside our miseries
And as we meet between our failures
We’ve acknowledged a common purpose

A slight glance in your eyes tells me there is more
Than everything that used to die in us
That used to hold us down

Letting me in is a blessing I’ve never deserved
But I found a comfort in embrace of your arms
Even though I was too proud to admit that I needed you
By my side, (in my life)

The further you are, the harder it makes it to breathe
But the truth is, the distance doesn’t affect you’re all I see
You’re all I need
When I stand here, solitary, with no will to live
I try to figure out what I believe

Be the torch that lit the darkness
I’ll be your shelter from the rain
Be my compass and show me the way to find myself again

We‘ve met ourselves in the beauty of nothingness
Covered in nothing but our common disaster
Trapped in our broken hearts with or lips sewn tight
So trying to speak causes more pain than anything

And I will always see you in the reflection of everything I love
And myself in the depths of those darkest places that I have been
Seeking for the time to be in peace

You are my everything
Don’t let me go
Don’t let me go away
I’ll die in your arms