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Underdose progressive-grunge / Bratislava

„Another World EP konečne vonku.“

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Text skladby Into the Grave

z alba Dose of Mud

Autor hudby: Underdose

I know there`s something wrong inside
Growing and blooming, tearing me apart
I know something that I just can`t tell
Inside lies the answer
I`m doing the best I can
I’m stuck in game
Redrawing this picture with colors I thought I`d never use again

Down, down, fall into me
Down, down, oh, into my grave
It grows

If I could just fall into your eyes
That’s one of the things that I wouldn't mind
We could be ourselves for a while
Saying what we`re meaning and not just another misspoken thought
I`m stuck in this
Need to free myself from this to be taken again

Down, down, oh, this isn't me.
Down, down, no.
What`s wrong with me?
It keeps growing

Strong in veins, long and persistent
I wanna depend, I`m addicted to you