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Unaffected Evolution crossover-progressive / Česká Lípa

„30.9. Night Of Suicide Angels vol.4 - Praha - RC“

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Text skladby Wedding

z alba STUMPS

Autor hudby: Unaffected Evolution
Autor textu: Libor Zajpt

You're blind!
Can't you see how she's playing with you?
You're deaf!
Can't you hear how she applauds.
You have the conscience,
playing with her,
she knows it.
You're divergent,
one desperate,
the other even more.
What connect you?
It's now only a promise.
Decomposition of your personality, for the other?!
You can just climb to the highest branch of the tree
and wait for your time.
which comes with the last drop of rain.
You're left with nothing
perhaps only shoes and tie.
Get hidden,
before someone sees you!
You're naked
and it's completely wrong.
After all we are the pure-age!