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Unaffected Evolution crossover-progressive / Česká Lípa

„30.9. Night Of Suicide Angels vol.4 - Praha - RC“

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Text skladby PreVoid

z alba STUMPS

Autor hudby: Unaffected Evolution
Autor textu: Libor Zajpt

R: Running through forest and skipping the trees.
Sinking into (the) swamp
losing control of my (own) legs.
I'm running still ahead, 2X
but where to I don't really know.
I feel desperate,
I gotta be somewhere after all!
I decided to get out of the city,
into the woods for a while,
Fresh air to breathe in again.
Surrounded by the disease, which affects most of us,
transmits the presence of negatives
What can I do now?
Jump to the woods and play with sticks for a while!
My soul is troubled by our ignorance.
Just shake your hands and ask,
wanna help?
Controlling our minds must end.
Stop looking around, but start from inside.
If you understand that good has greater force,
You're saved!
Climb back out of the forest
and spread your new yourself!
New world, new age.
knowledge and no more pain.
New eyes, new taste,
love new world and teach it back!