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Unaffected Evolution crossover-progressive / Česká Lípa

„30.9. Night Of Suicide Angels vol.4 - Praha - RC“

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Text skladby Stumps

z alba STUMPS

Autor hudby: Unaffected Evolution
Autor textu: Libor Zajpt

Sugar cube,
coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs,
fried with chives,
smothered in strawberry jam ...
Sliced celery (small pieces)
roasted in lard with kiwi
sauce made from beef broth ...
He's got an anger
and wondering how to beat the pigs humanely.
They eat everything what still has a taste,
plow down any land that belongs to us.
Revel in their warm feed rack
and that can't be forgiven!
Stink. Fat, rude, and slimy,
is it legal prostitutes and still so dirty!
So what to do with them?
Will we give them poisoned apples?
Maybe enough is to sprinkle the salt into eye?
Actually, no, it's too late!
It's gone too far.
Human solution would be
inevitable "no"
We live in the jungle, where trees grow from the crown
and stumps are the crowns!
It is desperate ...
Drops of cold sweat running down the forehead,
little is enough and too much time doesn't left.