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Unaffected Evolution crossover-progressive / Česká Lípa

„30.9. Night Of Suicide Angels vol.4 - Praha - RC“

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Text skladby Chicken

z alba STUMPS

Autor hudby: Unaffected Evolution
Autor textu: Libor Zajpt

You're the shit from your momma's ass,
trying to get out of the shell.
When you success,
You better get back again.
All around is strange smell.
Something weird is throwing me grain.
When it sees me, it makes strange noises,
sounds completely different than me.
The creature pisses me already, that's what I know for sure.
Who is curious about the fucking grain.
Who is curious about the fucking fence!
Who is curious about those fucking strange sounds from weirdo's mouth?
I'm not, I fucking hate it here!!
I start working on a plan to escape.
When I look from the fence, I see that endless forest!
There will be my shelter.
I will eat earthworms and not fucking grain.
I'm digging the hole.
I'm working on it for 4 days.
Fuck you, and fuck that fucking grain.
Hey! who's with me on way to the forest to eat earthworms?
All of you?
A brave chicken dig the hole,
now all of the got better home.
That weird face who gaped so bad,
Now drowned in grain all dead!