Earthly Orbit - Text skladby Dancing Ghost z alba EP 2013 |
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Earthly Orbit rock / Plzeň

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Text skladby Dancing Ghost

z alba EP 2013

We got nervous
Something aproached you
You just stumbled
Around my name

And here we are now, like we're all the time
Lonesome dangers and movie stars
At each other lonely stare
No one bothers what we defend

No one bothers what we pretend

You can do this on your own
I am sure that we'll get stoned
And if we try to get high
you'll see the days we've spent before

You got a reason
for something special
You can release
Your two faces

How should I tell you the little sooth
We're not stories and we are now ?!
Or is somebody else beside you
I saw the reason for your drawn line

I saw the reason and it wasn't me.

You can do this on your own
There's no need to wear some glove
You can, honey, be the one
Who likes better feeling numb

So you're going to see my show
Let this shiver into your bones
Let this be your final thought
Of me and you as dancing ghosts

You can do this on your own
You should teach me, where I'm wrong
No one cared where we belonged
Leaving places been unknown

You are the only one who could see
The kind of myself I want to be
It's your voice that comes to me
Silent whispers in my ears

Yet I've never thought I'd be
restless body incomplete
Now I wonder where's your place