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Earthly Orbit rock / Plzeň

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Text skladby Where The World Is Too Small

z alba Life Is Better (EP)

I'm looking for a reason
I really want to go,
Never agree with your believer,
but maybe there is hope.
Where are conserve people,
where the hell they could be?
I love the time, when I could shiver
but I don't know, where is She.
There're roses on the shore
No views 'round the bay
It's time to pay my forgotten dues,
But I could not say.
Where the world is too small.
Where the world is too small.
I want to fall asleep
There's nothing, what to do.
I'm still moving deeper,
on the human self-sensation.
No, don't try to be a hero.
Expecting to have a row.
It's all over and you know,
You grow, like they grow
Where the world is too small.
Where the world is too small.
In beauty stars you were reborn and
not alive in darkness morning
The mobile cell is for you warning,
In my head is almost storming