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Earthly Orbit rock / Plzeň

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Text skladby Stories

z alba Life Is Better (EP)

I'm thinking of the stories told
On the places where I stand.
It's circle of the happenings,
With no begin without end
Yesternight I woked up in cold room,
My head in pain, it was a nightmare
I heard dogs bark, near main road,
What's this light, I was scare.
Strange light on the edge of view,
and I thought it's new day.
Where will I be and
what this new day bring to me...?
In future I'll be other man
It is right, I'm satisfied
In history can not be 'when'
I don't want to be denied
It's a life,
It's a fire,
It's a story, all the time.
And all the things,
pass together,
It's time to found,
the life is better.
I saw the car, it was the light,
I saw this car at other night...
What the hell is on the streets,
when people shouldn't be awake?
I'm looking for the reasons why
the world is starting to be decline
The stories aren't talks so why
are you still trying to deny?
Where the car goes, why it's here?
Purpose or destiny
Story of this is what I want,
to be sorry when I'm gone.
I'm thinking of the stories told
On the places, where I stand.
It's circle of the happenings,
With no begin, without end.