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Text skladby New Dawn

z alba Life Is Better (EP)

Suffer in the night,
It started every day.
Waking without sense,
I can't stand it, I can't stay.
I'm angry and so tired,
when I feel the pain.
We're all bind down to deep,
with a huge, agressive chain.
No more chance, where is beautiful day?
New dawn comes, it won't be the lie
No more chance, there's no other way
New dawn comes, don't turn it away.
Decency falls down,
when streets control the hate.
Dreaming of our reigns,
I believe in my final shape...
Danger everywhere,
We're fallin' to disease,
Idiocy celebrate,
It knocks me on my knees...
I'm trying find a lights,
But I've ever found some stains.
Is it so much hard,
I hope it's so plain.
Hiding there and there,
and morning die again
Why are you so blind,
that world is so unfair?
Can you smell the gap,
which surround the earth.
You can ever fight,
With the love and your heart.