Earthly Orbit - Text skladby Illusions z alba Life Is Better (EP) |
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Earthly Orbit rock / Plzeň

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Text skladby Illusions

z alba Life Is Better (EP)

All the feelings we have are only in our head,
we just imagine truth.
all the troubles you can swear at yourselves
'cause you haven't had suppose
If you don't find the truth you never born
but prepare for it won't be nice.
For taste the truth you must give up your opinion
and let your lonely known
Pearls, fallen from my eyes, makes cicatrice on a veil of innocence.
It's other way than I hope, but if I pass up I loose my sense.
I loose my sense.
Release from your bad a good thoughts
and enter the emptiness.
There will nobody gripe with his mouth
there are just you, nothing less
If you think, you have found a luck
you are exactly wrong.
It's just a skin, under is all hack
like you on your own
pearls, fallen from my eyes, makes cicatrice on veil of innocence
It's other way than I hopes, but if I pass up I loose my sense...
my deepest mind and reliance won't see outside
to be frustrate.
There's gloomy wet and dirt let to pride
like in my head...