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Torment black-alternative / Brno

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Text skladby Dawn of Chaos

z alba Without God's Blessing

Autor hudby: Michal Hejtmánek
Autor textu: Jiří Židů

The eyes bleed from what they see
The ruined kingdom of peace before me
Where lies and power are gaining strength
Building the upcoming reign of misery

Plague and famine tears this realm apart
People are starving - It's only the start
Will you fight for your king?
When he's mad in his mind?

Kneel down to dust
And bow your head
Better pray for mercy, 'cos the war's upon you
As there comes Dawn of Chaos!

Draw your sword
And take your shield
Better show no mercy, 'cos this is the war
The Dawn of Chaos has begun!

Houses are burned to ashes,
Men cut down where they stood
Women raped and killed alike
And children left alone
You call this glory and fame
Just other names of suffering and death
Fighting for nothing, dying for nothing

What ever there comes
Must be better then this
After war there will be peace
Paid by blood of thousand dead
History will repeat itself

Death and pain will rule this land
People are dying without helping hand
Will you fight for your God
When blind faith is in your heart

Nothing ever changes
Nothing remains the same
Without understanding we will fail
This world order is insane