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Torment black-alternative / Brno

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Text skladby The Land of the Midnight Sun

z alba Paradise of Eternal Darkness

Autor hudby: Michal Hejtmánek
Autor textu: Jiří Židů

The End of Days is coming near
All hope is lost now in the deepest fear

From the blackest abyss
Are rising up
All the nameless horrors
On our doors they tap
So hungry for the flesh
Of living ones
With lust to taint glory
Of heroic ones

Nightmares and wraiths
Summoned from the grave
Crawling upon gates
Like the undead wave

Under touch of Evil
all vanish and disappear
Demon, Ghost and Devil
Hail to the Unholy Trinity!

The cold wind's blow
from the realm of Death
Making eyes blind
And the ears are deaf

What was so long foretold
In ancient prophecies
Will brightly unfold
To destroy reality

Chaos at last will rule the world
And Darkness will consume us all
Is there any hope left...
After all Guardians of light fall?

The creeping shadow over human kind
The tide of Darkness all in despair binds