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Torment black-alternative / Brno

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Text skladby Illusion of You

z alba Paradise of Eternal Darkness

Autor hudby: Michal Hejtmánek
Autor textu: Jiří Židů

I'm beyond death
I'm beyond life
I'm beyond all mortal sins
Here, in the bleak emptiness

And I forgive you
For you didn't know what you were doing
And I beg for your forgivness
That I was not able to help you

I'm beyond hate
I'm beyond love
I'm beyond all thoughts
Here, in the pure emptiness

And I bless you
For you were my savior
And I beg for your blessing
On my way forth eternity

I'm beyond all dreams
I'm beyond all promises
I'm beyond all hope
Here, in the devouring dark

(Main Part)
In the middle of my broken dreams
A quiet whisper sounds in my ears
Revealling all the scars and fears
I've collected through the years
From the hidden vault of memories
Pictures of violent thoughts and tears
Are manifesting like ugly beast
For which I am the final feast

I want to wake up!
From this nightmare...
I want to wake up!
From this illusion...
This can't be real
All that I felt is forever gone!
I want to wake up!
Right now!

Now it's you standing on the heel
Your lips are saying words that heal
Then the image turns to teal
Next to your dying face I kneel
As all this is some kind of deal
With your crimson blood for seal

Why it was you and why it was me?
What's all this supposed to be?

Spread the Darkness wide around me
Spread it wide, 'cos that's all I see

Spread the Madness wide inside of me
Spread it wide, 'cos that's all i feel

No more I can stand this
Unbearable inner heat
Souleater's so hungry
And there ain't much left to eat
My guilt and sins are only things
On which he can feed
If only my heart was
One day from the final beat

So he's ruining my spirit
And decaying what I need
He devours me slowly
Controlling all my deeds
He is waiting inside
Like some venomous seed
For suitable victim
He knows I one day meet