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Torment black-alternative / Brno

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Text skladby Dark Rose

z alba Paradise of Eternal Darkness

Autor hudby: Michal Hejtmánek
Autor textu: Jiří Židů

Wicked angel's flying free
through the storm, reaching to me
I can't breathe, I can't see
'Cos I'm deceived

Kind of vile spell
All this innocence
We shall burn in hell
For our ignorance

Don't change!
Be the same! / Be the one!
Once again! / Again!

Her charming scent lurs me deep
Into her womb, where I sleep
I can't leave, I can't keep
What I've achieved

Now my heart can hardly beat
And I only lay and bleed
I can't grieve
What I need is
Pain to recieve

Is it so hard to understand
That human lives are not for rent?
Pride and greed walk hand in hand
Crippling remains of this land

Torture! Suffer!
Wake Up Hate! / Make Up Fate!
Deny! Isolation... / Deny! Devastation...

Now I see it
Now I hear it
Now I know
That it's the same

I will seed it
Blood will breed it
Feeling low
But still it's game

You should gather all the rage
And break this meaningless cage
Although you've been there for an age
It's finally time to turn the page