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Torment black-alternative / Brno

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Text skladby Last Warrior

z alba Paradise of Eternal Darkness

Autor hudby: Michal Hejtmánek
Autor textu: Jiří Židů

Can't you see the dawn of dying sun?

You're blinded with the fury
In your enemy's eyes
We'll who will be buried
Who will finally die

Swing your sword as hard as you can
Chop through horde of monsters dwelling from den

One by one they will fall down
At your feet, where they bleed
Armor is burial gown
Find yourself in the heat!

Crash the head with the morning star
Field of dead…
Who you truly are?!

What can you trust?
Who can you trust?
The steel blade in your hand?
The man that leads that steel?
The ruler of the land?
The bearer of the seal?

And at the end you must face
The demon in your heart
It's the everlasting chase
That's tearing you apart

Choose the suffer...
The life in the gutter...
Choose to fail...
The eternal ail...

The role of a hero
Is the hardest part
To be a leader
Of the mass behind
You're the last warrior
Last man of pure blood
You must prove yourself
Or die in pain