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Things We Know pop-punk / Praha

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  • Mirage (Fair Weather 2016)
  • Tyler Street (New Single 2016)
  • Recast (New single 2015)
  • Simple Things (Almost On Drugs 2015)

Text skladby Mirage

z alba Fair Weather EP

Autor hudby: Things We Know
Autor textu: Things We Know

I found my way
turned the opposite direction
restarted the game
i'll never play the same way

stopped digging my own grave
your trapped and i am not
the doors are locked and you
threw away the keys that you had

i always walked the line
the world had drawn for me
the life i ached for
locked away deep in my dreams

conformed and became
who i was supposed to be
pretended to be free

i fell for the mirage

but when time just passes by
you start asking why
is this the way
you should live and die

million conversations
running out of patience
found myself lost in
subway stations

now i might not ever
make it back
but will i even ever
want back what i had?